About Us

What Makes Memorable Merchandise?

Promotional items and corporate gifts are a powerful marketing tool and a means of reinforcing a positive corporate culture through employee incentives.

InVogue specialises in designing, sourcing, storing and distributing branded and promotional items for a wide range of clients, across diverse sectors.

Memorable merchandise has the power to promote brands and businesses effectively and to incentivise staff.

At InVogue, we have over 25 years’ experience in this field, applying our expert knowledge and resources to focus on finding the right gifts for any given situation:

Business exhibitions and trade fairs
Promotional launch events
Staff incentive schemes and rewards.

Whether you already know what you want, or you need the spark of inspiration, we can provide it. We can source thousands of promotional items, and we can also provide samples in advance of you placing an order.

For special promotional concepts and gifts, we can design and manufacture to order, providing a unique quality to your gift items. We’ve got a full artwork team on hand to make your promotional vision into a reality.

Take a look at our online catalogue or talk to us about your specific, bespoke requirements. We’re happy to give you a no obligation quote, and we’re confident we’ll be competitive on both price and quality.

Give me a call and I’ll find the right solution for you.

Chris Rigby
Sales Director, InVogue Incentives
Telephone 01772 751175.