InVogue; design and artwork for all printed and personalised gifts and items.

But don’t worry, if you are unable to supply finished artwork, let us do it for you; our experienced team are ready to help; they will offer you our in-house full artwork service. Their knowledge of the product ranges together with that of the printing, engraving and embroidery processes means they can work with you to create the look you want in a way that will work in production and use – you don’t want your logo so small that no one will be able to read it!

Creating your own artwork for promotional items and gifts. 

InVogue can accept artwork via email, FTP or CD (both PC and Mac). As the range of products we offer is so large and the personalisation methods vary it is impossible to give full artwork specifications on this website. Please contact the Design Studio for assistance and file formats.

Personalisation methods for promotional gifts and items.

The majority of promotional items from InVogue will be personalised and branded by one of the following methods:

Screen Printing.
Applying ink via a flat silk screen. Normally used to print Plastic, PVC, PU and clothing. 

Tampo Print.
A way of applying printing inks to curved or raised surfaces or restricted hard to get to areas by soft rubber pad.

Die Stamping.
An engineered die tool, which is used to make an impression into a surface such as metal this can then be colour filled. A similar process often referred to as blind embossing or foil blocking is used to personalise leather.

Laser, rotary or hand engraving can be applied to most wood or metal surfaces.

A professional method of applying a logo or design to clothing or fabric.

Please Note: Origination for personalising items.

Origination is a term used to describe the make-up process for printing plates, dyes, templates or embroidery jacquard discs. For multiple colour printing there is usually a small origination charge for each colour used in your logo or design. The origination charge is quoted separately as part of your first order; it is not usual for there to be an origination charge for repeat orders of the same promotional items.

InVogue; Top service and keen prices for all printed and personalised gifts and items.

Please browse our website to see a wide selection of our promotional items or request a copy of the latest edition of our full colour, comprehensive catalogue.

InVogue can give you expert guidance on thousands of promotional items from hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers and will happily organise for samples to be sent to you.

And don’t forget our experienced team are ready to help you; they can answer any questions about promotional products or ideas you have; even if you can’t find them in our catalogue or on our website: Or if they can’t, they will find out!

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