What are the Keys to Product Launch Success?

Posted by Chris 08/10/2017 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Bringing a new product or service to market means raising awareness, and promoting it through a launch event is a proven means of generating interest.

It’s also an opportunity to educate your target market about your product, and your brand.  How can you ensure the effectiveness of your product launch?

While it’s important that the event itself works well, you also want it to resonate afterwards, so that your brand and your product lodge in the minds of your audience.

Promotional gifts enhance a product launch, helping build a sense of anticipation and excitement, and giving your audience something to take away with them.

Like all marketing activity, however, this kind of gift-giving requires proper planning and forethought if it’s going to be effective.


Brand Alignment

Never forget the importance of your brand and your brand values. Whatever gifts you choose to include in your product launch must align with your brand.

If you don’t do this you risk confusing your message, detracting from your product and, if you’re not careful, damaging your brand.


Think of promotional gifts as a commitment, not an added extra. If you’re going to choose them as part of your launch, and you should, then you need to get the details right


The things to consider are quality and appropriateness. If you have a luxury brand, for example, then the gifts accompanying your product launch mustn’t cheapen it.

Similarly, you should plan gifts that are appropriate both to the brand and the product – a mug or mousemat aren’t the obvious match for a cosmetics product, for instance.

Quality and appropriateness may be more about the feel of the gift than its monetary value – you can choose quite modest, minimal items, but providing they fit with the overall ethos of your brand and product, they can be most effective.


Strategies and Risks

Be clear about your strategy for gift-giving. This means understanding how your gift items will work in tandem with your launch activity.

You must think about how much stock you will require, and at what stage you will give it out. Running out of items to give away half way through your event will not look good, and can end up weakening the impact of your product launch.

Remember that it isn’t true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity – if your launch goes awry, it can have long-term consequences for the reputation of your brand.



Bear in mind that while promotional gifts should be integral to how you promote your product, they should never overshadow it.  You want to focus attention on the brand, not the gift.


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