Can Promotional Merchandise Help Build Your Brand?

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promotional merchandise

The use of promotional merchandise is a serious matter.

In a 2012 survey, the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) concluded that promotional products delivered a better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising, and had a return equal to that of television and print.

The survey also recorded that 87% of people interviewed kept a promotional item for longer than a year.

Promotional merchandise resonates with people, and therefore helps fix a brand in their minds.


Making Your Brand Visible

Exhibitions and trade shows present ideal opportunities for you to personalise your brand and to make face to face connections.

In this, they are a very physical form of marketing. But it is essential to have the right supporting material to bolster your efforts. This includes promotional literature and information material, as well as branded displays.

But you should also consider branded merchandise, because this is something visitors to your exhibition stand can take away with them but does not depend on them actively reading or absorbing it.

It is like a form of ambient advertising. From mugs to mouse mats, pens to USB drives, this merchandise can establish a kind of branded outpost for your business.

In fact, the potential for branded gifts is almost limitless with modern digital printing techniques. You can customise your merchandise to co-ordinate precisely with key elements of your business and brand.


Utility and Memory

Sometimes being helpful for otherwise mundane tasks and situations can create a deeper resonance, because your merchandise is performing a useful task.  This is why items such as umbrellas and USB drives make excellent branded gifts.

On the one hand, this kind of placement is unsubtle, in the sense that you are simply distributing an everyday item with your branding on it, in the hope that it will be found useful, or entertaining.

On the other, merchandising like this operates on a more subliminal level, aiming to hit a sweet spot where it will lodge in someone’s consciousness.

In this, branded gifts are a clever, cost effective form of marketing, and business exhibitions provide them with the perfect distribution opportunity.

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